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Expert Witness

During a dispute resolution process such as arbitration, expert witness testimonies are commonly required. Experts for Delay and Quantum are usually appointed by one or more of the parties in dispute. 2p2c has the expertise and capabilities to provide expert witnesses with relevant experience in the matter in dispute.

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Scope of Services

A comprehensive study of all documents related to the matter in  dispute, then relating the facts of the case with the claims initiated by each party.

Establishing a pool of documents to be agreed between party experts.  

Establishing an as-built critical path representing the original duration and the total delayed period. This serves as basis for the identification of the main project delay drivers and the delay contribution of each. (Delay expert).


Identification of cost claim heads and all the related supporting documents. Then a thorough examination of each cost head in terms of valuation and entitlement. (Quantum Expert)

Reply to expert reports and issuance of joint statements and reports to the arbitral tribunal.


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Tools we use

Conditions of Contract

FIDIC 1987, 1999, 2017

Online document management systems (such as Aconex)

Artificial Intelligence 


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