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Planning & Project Controls

"He who fails to plan is planning to fail" still stands to date. It essential to establish a baseline schedule based on a thorough understanding of the scope work, activity dependencies and nature.

Here in 2p2c, we produce well detailed project schedules that include work breakdown structures, detailed coded activities, resource loading and cost allocation.

Our state of the art dashboard and KPI driven reporting system will take care of all reporting and project control needs, and is an integral part of our techno contract adminstration system.

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Scope of Services

This includes preparing a baseline schedule based on drawings, Bills of Quantity and other documentation available at the project early stages. The sequence of activities are influenced by several factors such as constructability,  crew movement, site access, and project management team strategies. , Each activity can then be loaded with resources calculated and costs. The amount and type of resources required shall depend on standard productivity rates in the market and quantities associated with each activity.

The project controls function will start once the planning stage is completed. The progress of each activity is measured in order to update the programme. Then a progress report is produced containing a comparison between the planned and actual progress of key performance indicators, and will highlight critical activities were improvement is required with recommendations to what actions are required to achieve to mitigate any performance deficiencies.


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Tools we use

Planning Adds Value to Projects

Primavara P6

Power BI

Artificial Intelligence 


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