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Use of two weeks lookahead in construction

Planning engineers who try to use the 2 weeks lookahead (2WLA) filter in Primavera P6 are always faced with a problem when the next 2 week period comes. This is because the next 2WLA usually contains activities that have nothing to do with the 2WLA that was presented to the management team two 2 weeks ago. Thus, such 2WLA schedules become un-monitorable and no real project controls takes place. To eliminate the confusion surrounding 2 week lookaheads, the following process is to be followed such that the next 2WLA you produce is meaningful and would show what happened to the activities that were supposed to be progressed during the lookahead period.

On the Last week’s update do the following:

1. Create a 2 week lookahead filter

2. Filter out the near complete activities (the ones we don’t need to control), then apply both filters together.

3. Create a user defined field and call it “2WLA-Select” with data type “integer”, add it as a column, then fill it down with the number “1”

4. Export a spreadsheet (excel format) …..

5. By defining a new template, call it “2WLA Filter”

6. Define the fields in the 2WLA filter as shown, then proceed to export the file to excel.

On the current week update do the following:

7. Import the excel file above to the current weekly update

8. Define the last week’s update as a baseline to the current week update

9. Assign the last week’s update as a primary baseline

10. Define that 2WLA filter select as shown then apply it to the programme

11. The final layout must include the BL1 duration % and the duration % as well as the finish variance. (no need to display the 2WLA select.

Repeat the same process each week by resetting the 2WLA select field to zero, then applying the two filters as in point 2 above and do the rest of the steps, and so on.

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